Made in Berlin

Our sister company Becanex in Berlin Adlershof takes care of the production of our CBD oils. The journey of the hemp begins with the harvest from the field...

Locally Farmed

Our hemp comes exclusively from selected European farmers. This results in short transport routes, which not only minimizes our carbon footprint, but also facilitates close partnerships with our suppliers. In order to guarantee maximum transparency, you can trace the origin of your hemp back to its field, using our Track & Trace feature. 
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One-Step Extraction

Our CBD oils are produced using a patented extraction method developed by our Research & Development team. In just one step we are able to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the female hemp plant and convert them into a pure extract. After pairing it with a carrier oil (MCT), no further processing is necessary. For a more detailed explanation of this revolutionary technology, we'd like to refer you to the website of our sister company Becanex

Purest Results

The superior quality that results from our unique method is evident in the final product. Due to the particularly gentle and precise extraction process, we are able to directly eliminate solution residues and the formation of bitter substances. The result is a truly natural, mildly-nutty tasting extract, with a spectrum of cannabinoids that is almost identical to that of the hemp plant. To preserve the natural purity of our products we never use any additives.
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