Hemp Protein Powder - The Best Vegetable Protein?

Have you ever heard of hemp protein powder? No? Then it's high time you did! Because the green powder is full of surprises.

First things first - What are proteins?

The word "protein" originally comes from the Greek and means something like "to take first place". This description is not that far-fetched, because proteins are the basic building blocks of our body and are involved in a multitude of vital metabolic processes. They provide the building material for muscles, organs and blood and ensure, among other things, a functioning immune system. If there is a lack of other energy sources - such as carbohydrates - they even function as energy suppliers.

The smallest unit of proteins are the so-called amino acids, which are the building materials of proteins. There are a total of 20 different amino acids, eight of which are "essential". The body cannot produce essential amino acids itself, so they have to be taken in through food. Since our body does not have a protein store, protein must be supplied from outside on a regular basis. The daily protein requirement of an adult is about 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight.

What is in hemp protein powder?

First of all, a lot of protein. Our hemp protein powder, which by the way is made from dried hemp seeds, consists of more than 50% pure vegetable protein. When evaluating protein sources, however, it is not only about quantity, but above all about quality. In this discipline, hemp protein powder scores particularly well.

The composition of the amino acid chains in hemp is very similar to that of human protein, which results in an unbeatably high biological value. This means that the body can utilise the protein contained in hemp particularly quickly and efficiently. For comparison: while hemp protein has a biological value of 86, soy has a value of 84, rice a value of 81 and pea protein just a biological value of 43.

In addition, all essential amino acids are present in hemp protein - both in sufficient quantity and in perfect proportion to each other. This means that the body is supplied with all the necessary protein building blocks in one fell swoop, without having to combine the powder with other protein sources.

And the green powder can do even more! It not only has a lot of high-quality protein, but is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other important nutrients. Just two spoonfuls (30g) of hemp protein powder provide your body with 1/3 of the daily protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it needs.

Why do I need hemp protein?

As already mentioned, proteins are absolutely indispensable for the health of our body. Therefore, it is not surprising that a sufficient supply of high-quality hemp protein has a positive effect on everyday life.

Especially for athletes, hemp protein powder has a lot of advantages. Because it is processed so well and quickly by our body, it is great for building muscle and even for protecting and repairing muscle tissue. So it's perfect before a workout or for recovery afterwards. Proteins are also ideal fillers and stimulate the metabolism, so they can help you maintain your weight.

Hemp protein is also an excellent alternative for those who want to avoid animal-based foods or supplement their diet with plant-based protein sources. Compared to whey protein, hemp protein does not settle on the organs and is very easy to digest. Because it is so easily absorbed by our bodies, it produces very little acidic waste products, contributing to a healthy acid-base balance in our bodies. Another plus point is that hemp protein does not cause any intolerances as it is free from gluten, lactose and nuts.

Tips for use

Und das Beste? Hanfproteinpulver kannst Du ganz vielfältig einsetzen, egal ob im Smoothie, in einem frisch gepressten Saft, im Cappuccino, im Obstsalat, als Shake, oder zum Backen für einen leckeren Kuchen, Riegel oder ein vollwertiges Brot. Guten Appetit!

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