Real partnership

A genuine partnership with our business customers is important to us! It is based on trust and reliability. That is why we promise:


We only trade in hemp that has been grown by our own contract farmers or on our own land. Our hemp is a pure EU good.

High safety standards

We have our products tested by recognised institutes: Directly when the raw material is delivered from the field and a second time when the goods are prepared for shipment. You can rely on our products.


We form long-term supply relationships. Every processor has different demands on our hemp seeds, which is why we work together to find the optimal seeds for your product and grow them exclusively for you.


Many companies in the hemp market are young, so it is difficult to make an accurate forecast on purchase quantities. We offer young companies framework contracts that guarantee them a fixed monthly delivery volume at fixed prices, even if they decide to buy less. This means price security and quantity flexibility for your growth.


We strive to reduce our undesirable environmental impact. This applies to cultivation, transport and packaging. We also support farmers in converting to hemp cultivation and additionally promote farmers who want to convert from conventional agriculture to organic.


We actively work with organisations to promote hemp cultivation and organic farming. Our company is also certified as a B Corp.

Motivated team

Doing business means communicating. We are always ready to present good solutions for your wishes and requirements. We love our product and are wholeheartedly involved in all projects. That's what we promise!